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Warehouse Floor Sweeper – SW8000

Applications: Cement, Brick and Block Facilities, Rental Centers, Parking Garages, Municipal Parks, Amusement Parks

On conventional rider sweepers, dust is controlled at the main broom only. The side brooms, the biggest source of dust, must be raised in open areas when fugitive dust is a concern. The SW8000 ride-on sweeper is not a conventional machine. The innovative DustClear Five Stage Dust Control System allows for full time use of the dual side brooms by controlling dust along the entire sweep path – including the side brooms. Productivity is then increased by over 70% compared with conventional sweepers that control dust only at the main broom.

With superior duste control, innovative safety features, low maintenance costs, and ease of operation, the Advance SW8000 rider-on sweeper takes power sweeping to the next level.


  • Kubota Propane Engine
  • Kubota Diesel Engine

Sweeping System:

  • Sweeping Path = 65″ with Single Side Brooms
  • Sweeping Path = 77″ with Dual Side Brooms
  • Main Broom Width = 50″

Nilfisk Advance SW8000 Advantages


MaxAccess minimizes downtown and maximizes efficiency, reliability and longevity through quick and easy access to all engine and hydraulic components.  

Easy To Operate

One-Touch controls and a single foot pedal controls direction plus activates the brooms and dust control system and offers the operator the easiest machine to use in the industry. 

Operator Safety

Hopper safety arm is controlled from the operator’s compartment. The operator is safe from moving parts through the interlocking engine cover. Impact-absorbing roto-molded body structure and 5mph bumper provides the ultimate in operator safety. 

Nilfisk Advance SW8000 Ride-On Sweeper

What application do I use the SW8000 Rider Sweeper in?

Cement and Block Facilities

The optional fully enclosed cab allows for the SW8000 rider sweeper to be used in harsh applications and weather. 

Parking Garages / Surface Lots

With a 77′ wide sweeping path with dual side brooms, the SW8000 can make one pass sweeping and cover lots of space in a short period of time in applications like a parking garage or surface lot. 

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