Sweeper-Scrubber – CS7010

Applications: Large Operations Including Manufacturing Plants, Distribution Centers, Universities, Stadiums

The Nilfisk Advance CS7010 sweeper-scrubber redefines the entire class of equipment by reducing total cost of ownership – including operation, labor and maintenance, while effectively doubling fuel economy and runtime efficiency. 

The CS7010 is available in three configurations: propane, diesel and ePower battery. All three models have state-of-the-art Electric Drive technology, which helps delivery the lowest cost of ownership and the most sustainable cleaning solution in its class. 


  • 36-Volt Battery
  • Kubota WG972 Propane Engine
  • Kubota D1305 Diesel Engine

Sweeping System:

  • Sweeping Path = 61″ Squeegee Path Width is Fully Swept
  • Main Broom Width = 36″
  • Sweeping Coverage per Hour = 146,400 Square Feet

Scrubbing and Recovery System:

  • Scrubbing Path = 48″
  • Scrubbing Coverage per Hour = 118,600 Square Feet

Nilfisk Advance CS7010 Advantages

Battery Run Time

The ePower battery can run up to 5.4 hours on a single charge, meaning you can clean over 600,000 square feet on a single charge.


SmartFlow adjusts solution flow with the machine’s speed using less water and chemicals. Proportionally higher productivity with fewer dump and refill cycles per tankful. 


DustGuard is a popular option that uses an ultra-fine fog to reduce airborne dust generated by side broom sweeping. 

Nilfisk Advance CS7010 Sweeper-Scrubber

What application do I use the CS7010 Sweeper-Scrubber in?

Parking Lots / Garages

The CS7010 is very useful for parking lots and garages because it can cover a large amount of area with the best fuel economy and runtime efficiency. 

Transportation Facilities

The CS7010 can run up to 5.4 hours on the ePower battery, meaning that it is able to clean the largest facilities on a single charge. 

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