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Truck Mounted Forklifts

Applications: Sod, Mulch, Agriculture, Feed, Fertilizer, Building Materials, Brick, Block, Stone & Pavers)

Navigator is a leader in the truck mounted forklift industry. Built in Mississippi by Chrisman Manufacturing, Navigator prides itself on having a simple design that is durable, effective and easy to maintain. With almost two decades of manufacturing experience, Navigator owners can rely on these piggyback forklifts for the highest quality.


  • 37HP Water Cooled Diesel
  • 60Hp Water Cooled Diesel


  • 4000# Capacity
  • 5000# Capacity
  • 5500# Capacity
  • 6500# Capacity

Advantages of a Navigator Truck Mounted Forklift

One-Piece Steel Frame

Navigator uses a heavy duty one-piece steel frame for all their truck mounted forklifts. Using one piece increases overall frame strength and effectively transfers road shock when mounted.

Wheel Motor Hubs

Wheel motor hubs are gusseted for strength.

Mast Channel

The Navigator mast is constructed of 6.25″ of hardened steel. 

Truck Mounted Forklifts – RT Series

What application do I use the Navigator truck mounted forklift in?

Sod / Mulch / Fertilizer

Navigator forklifts are a staple in the sod and fertilizer industry because they are reliable and easy to use. With all wheel drive and a one-piece steel frame, you can feel confident that you have a quality machine in Navigator.

Brick / Block / Stone

Brick, block and similar applications need a forklift that endures constant use and the durability to travel from site to site. The Navigator truck mounted forklift is built in the USA and has a one-piece steel frame that has been rigorously tested.  

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