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Warehouse Pallet Rack

Sunbelt Material Handling is a total solutions provider for pallet rack, warehouse rack and warehouse storage. Whether you are moving to a new building and need new pallet rack from the ground up, a complete redesign of your current facility, or are looking to replace current warehouse rack or warehouse systems with new warehouse storage solutions, Sunbelt is able to help.

Not only can Sunbelt provide the product and materials for these projects, we complete the installation as well. Regardless of location, Sunbelt is able to provide pallet rack and warehouse storage solutions across the country.

What type of pallet rack or warehouse storage system do you need?

The needs for pallet rack and warehouse storage vary greatly for every company. Not every company needs carton flow or pick modules for their warehouse or distribution center. The benefit of working with Sunbelt is that we tailor the needs of your facility based on how to maximize space and get you the best result. We explain the different types of pallet rack and warehouse storage below. 

  • Selective Pallet Rack

Selective pallet rack is what a large majority of companies use for their warehouse storage needs. Available in single or double depth, selective rack is “selective” in that there is direct access to each pallet.

  • Pallet Flow 

Pallet flow rack uses the “FIFO” first in, first out method to constantly rotate product. Typically used in applications that have product with high turnover, pallet flow has an incline on the pallet where the pallet is loaded from. This incline allows pallets to use gravity to move the pallet to the picking location.

  • Cantilever Rack

Cantilever rack is used primarily for oddly shaped product that is of different lengths. With direct access to the rack, cantilever rack can be one-sided or double-sided. Typically used in applications holding lumber, pipe and steel, any product that is an extended length can benefit by being stored using cantilever rack.

  • Pick Modules

Pick modules are multi-level pick systems that are all about flow efficiency. Pick modules are used in fulfillment and distribution centers that have a high volume of product and SKU’s. A pick module uses a combination of pallet rack, gravity, carton flow and order picking to maximize efficiency.

  • Pushback Rack

Pushback rack utilizes the “LIFO” last in, first out method. Pushback rack is highly effective because it allows for companies to store a large volume of SKU’s in a single pallet space. Pushback rack can go as deep as five pallets. When you place a pallet in the rack, it sits on a cart that uses gravity to “pushback” the other pallets deeper into the rack.

  • Carton Flow

Carton flow is a system that is based on “FIFO” first in, first out that uses gravity to move product throughout a warehouse. Cartons of product are separated by picking and stocking into different aisles to maximize efficiency. Often used in conjunction with conveyors or other warehouse systems, carton flow can lower labor and personnel costs while increasing productivity.

  • Drive-In Rack

Drive-in rack is a great warehouse storage system for high volume of similar product. Using the “LIFO” last in, first out method, pallets are stored in a very concentrated area. The pallet rack has a single entry and exit for the forklift, meaning that you want to have the same product in the pallet aisle. For product that does not need to be frequently rotated like food, drive-in rack provides the opportunity to store product in a very condensed area.

  • Mezzanines

Mezzanines are floor systems that allow companies to add more useful work space without adding to the existing building structure. Utilizing the vertical space of their existing building, a mezzanine can add storage, break rooms, offices, or any number of other warehouse needs. The major benefit to mezzanines is that they are extremely customizable to your specific application and building, and can be built, taken down, reconfigured, or removed with relative ease.


My existing pallet rack is damaged. Can it be replaced?

Sunbelt offers pallet rack replacement on all different types of rack and warehouse storage systems. Damaged pallet rack can include bent or caved in uprights, crossbeams, base of the rack damage and more. Damage to the pallet rack can cause the rack to lose its structural integrity. Sunbelt is able to determine what is needed to replace and will provide solutions to help prevent damage in the future. While not every bit of potential damage can be prevented, properly protecting your pallet rack and warehouse storage with upright protection, aisle barriers, and post guards will limit the potential damage. 

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