Order Pickers / Man Lifts 

Sunbelt Material Handling provides order pickers and man lifts by Big Joe. They have a traditional order picker where the operator can select product to place on a pallet. We also have man lifts that is equipment that elevates the operator to a desired height and allows the operator to pick or select specific items. While these man lifts don’t have pallets, they have a front load tray and load deck where they can pick smaller items. 

Joey Zero

  • Max lift height of 118″
  • Total capacity of 750#
  • Maintenance free batteries
  • 110-volt plug-in smart charger

J1 Joey

  • Lift heights of 126″ – 162″ 192″
  • Total capacity of 1000#
  • Maintenance free and industrial battery options

J2 Joey

  • Lift heights of 72″ – 126″ – 144″
  • Lift capacity of 2000#
  • Maintenance free and industrial battery options

Joey eStep

  • Lift height of 42″
  • Integral lithium battery
  • 110-volt plug-in smart charger

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