Standup Forklifts

Sunbelt Material Handling provides standup forklifts by the Clark and UniCarriers brands. Capacities range from 2500# – 5000#. These stand-up forklifts are true dock to stock forklifts as they have the capability to unload from a semi-truck and transport withinh the facility to a specific rack. With capacities up to 5000#, these standup forklifts have the ability to handle heavier loads that are typically reserved for a sit-down forklift. 

Standup Forklift, Stand-Up Forklift, Electric Forklift

Clark ESX Stand-up Forklift

  • Capacities from 2500# – 5000#
  • Max lift height of 258.5″
  • 36 and 48-volt battery options available
Standup Forklift, Stand-Up Forklift, Electric Forklift

UniCarriers SCX Standup Forklift

  • Capacities of 3000# – 4000#
  • Max lift height of 276″
  • 36-volt battery

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