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Dock and Door Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City & Tulsa

Warehouse Dock & Door Services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City

Sunbelt Material Handling is your go to company for all warehouse dock and door needs. We are a total solutions provider for all things dock and door, dock boards, dock levelers, dock plates, dock ramps, truck restraints, warehouse safety, industrial fans and more. Sunbelt works with a variety of manufacturing brands to provide the best solution to your companies specific need.

What type of warehouse dock and door needs do you have?

Warehouse dock and door needs vary from company to company. Sunbelt is able to provide solutions custom to your application to make sure we provide the safest and most operationally efficient products for you. Sunbelt has a team of dock & door / warehouse specialists (both technicians and sales reps) that are able to diagnose current and potential issues, service exisiting equipment, give guidance on best practices and provide the best quality products for replacement or install new products. Below, we explain the different types of warehouse dock, warehouse door, and other warehouse interior products that Sunbelt is able to provide.

  • Dock Levelers

Dock levelers are permanent fixtures attached to the loading dock that connect the dock and the truck that is unloading product. In it’s simplest form, it is a metal “leveler” to allow product to be transported in and out of the warehouse and trailer. Warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities can have very different trailers delivering and picking up product, and with this comes many different heights of trucks and trailers. The different types of dock levelers are able to provide the necessary function of moving from trailer to warehouse. There are three main types of dock levelers: pit style, vertical storing and edge of dock.

– Pit style dock levelers are installed built in to the building’s structure. There are three types of pit style levelers: hydraulic, air-powered and mechanical. Hydraulic dock levelers utilize electric power to raise and lower the platform as needed. Extremely durable and easy to maintain, hydraulic dock levelers are a popular choice. Air-powered levelers are a popular choice because of the lack of parts involved. Air-powered levelers use an air bag system to raise and lower the platform. Depending on the specific leveler, electricity may or may not be needed. The last type of pit style leveler is mechanical. Mechanical levelers use springs to raise and lower the platform deck rather than hydraulics or air power.

– Vertical storing dock levelers are typically used in applications that are temperature controlled or used in cold storage. As all other dock levelers are horizontal when not in use, a vertical dock levelers stand upright. There are many benefits to these dock levelers including easy maintenance because they are already upright, in addition to temperature control and cleanliness.

– Edge of dock levelers are used in lighter duty applications. Installed on the outside of the dock, they offer a more lmiited range of heights from trailer to dock.

  • Dock Boards / Dock Plates

Dock boards and dock plates are frequently confused  with each other due to the similar look. Both dock plates and dock boards are platforms that span the distance from the back of a trailer to the inside of a warehouse. The application will determine whether you need a dock plate or dock board. Dock plates are used in light duty environments and are only to be used with manual pallet jacks, push carts, or any other light duty products. Dock boards are used in heavier duty applications and typically have locking mechanisms on the bottom of the dock board to keep it in place. Able to be used with forklifts and other material handling equipment, dock boards are available in both aluminum and steel.

  • Dock Shelters / Dock Seals

Dock shelters and dock seals are also often confused because they are very similar. The main difference is that dock shelters are complete enclosures that go around the dock and close against the trailer. When a truck or trailer backs in, the dock shelters provides pressure against the trailer to provide a seal. More durable than a dock seal, dock shelters are great for higher use applications that see lots of traffic with trailers throughout the day. Dock seals are pads that is essentially padding for when the trailer backs up to the dock. They are not as industrial or heavy duty as dock shelters, but take up less space and provide a seal around the top and sides of the trailer.

  • Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle restrains are a critically important tool for safety related to a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility. Vehicle restraints are used by securing or restraining a trailer to the dock. This massively increases safety and minimizes the risk of trailer creep or unscheduled departure of the trailer. There are multiple different types of vehicle restraints available such as hydraulic, electric, mechanical and wheel chocks. Restraints use a hook that rotates and attaches to the Rear Impact Guard of a trailer to secure it. Wheel chocks are a great option because they do not depend on Rear Impact Guards and can work with almost any trailer or truck.

  • Commercial Warehouse Doors

Commercial warehouse doors come in a variety of models for lots of different applications. Whether you need doors for a cold storage application like food & beverage or sectional steel doors for a new distribution center, Sunbelt will provide guidance on the best products and solutions specific to your application. As always, we are able to sell and install new product and provide post-sale service on all commercial doors. Commercial doors are not just limited to warehouses; they can be used in hospitals, car dealerships, pharmaceutical facilities, parking garages and more. Some of the types of commercial doors we offer are high speed doors, rolling doors and sectional doors. Within each of these types are a variety of doors specific to your application.

  • Industrial Fans

Proper air circulation and cooling in your facility has a plethora of added benefits; from a more comfortable environment for your employees to a temperature reduction in warmer months, industrial fans add lots of value. Choosing the correct fan for your application and positioning will yield the best results. There are a variety of different types of industrial fans and each has their own place in a facility. The most widely used types of fans are high velocity fans, HVLS ceiling fans (high-volume, low speed), loading dock fans, exhaust fans, pick module fans and fabric air ducts.

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