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Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper – SW900

Applications: Education Facilities, Airport, Warehouses, Sidewalks

The Advance SW900 walk-behind sweeper for both indoor and outdoor use offers effective dust-free removal of dry debris. The large main broom combined with dual side brooms will enhance your everyday productivity and cleaning results. The SW900 is an ideal sweeper for cleaning contractors, industry and manufacturing, schools, warehouses, exhibitions, and entertainment facilities. 


  • 12-Volt Battery with Onboard 115VAC Charger

Sweeping System:

  • Sweeping Path = 41″ with Dual Side Brooms
  • Max Coverage per Hour = 50,850 Square Feet

Nilfisk Advance SW900 Advantages

Easy To Manuever

The SW900 has large drive wheels and casters which provide easy maneuvering. Pair this with a run time of up to three hours, and you can have a sweeper that is dependable and easy to use. 

Side Brooms

The side brooms are independently controlled for effective edge cleaning and maximum productivity. 


An onboard charger provides the convenience of charing anywhere a power outlet is available. 

Nilfisk Advance SW900 Walk-Behind Sweeper

What application do I use the SW900 Walk-Behind Sweeper in?


The maintenance is incredibly easy on the SW900; broom replacement and other route maintenance can be performed without tools, making this scrubber ideal for a school. 


Sidewalks can gather lots of trash, and the single hand hopper removal and installation with wheels makes it simple to dump trash when needed.

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