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Forklift Batteries / Forklift Chargers

Sunbelt Power Systems is the division of Sunbelt Material Handling that handles power for all your material handling equipment. Sunbelt Power Systems is a proud dealer of Sunlight Batteries – a global leader in motive power solutions since 1991.


Forklift Battery Types

  • Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion forklift batteries from Sunbelt Power Systems provide power for applications that require consistent use throughout the day. With the ability to get a full charge in under 2 hours, gone are the days of battery swaps and overnight charge times. No watering or maintenance required make lithium-ion batteries a desirable option for any company that wants more uptime and less maintenance.


  • Lead Acid Battery

Lead acid batteries are the “traditional” forklift batteries that a majority of people will recognize. These batteries need to be watered on a regular schedule to ensure proper operation. The inside of a lead acid battery is made up of lead plates which are placed in an electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid and water. You want to schedule the watering when the forklift battery is fully charged to avoid boiling over the water and creating acid spillover on the top of battery.


  • AGM Battery

AGM batteries are like lead acid batteries in that they both have lead plates sitting in the electrolyte solution. The main difference is that there is a fiberglass mat situated in the lead plates that soaks up the solution. With the fiberglass mat soaking up the electrolyte solution, the battery is then sealed in comparison to a regular lead acid battery.



Forklift Charger Types

  • Conventional Charging

An electric forklift with a lead acid battery will work a single shift (8 hours). Using a conventional charger means that the forklift battery will be plugged into the charger likely overnight. These chargers can take anywhere from 8 – 10 hours to fully charge. For a single shift application, conventional chargers are practical and cost efficient.


  • Opportunity Charging

Opportunity charging is when plugging in and charging the forklift is recommended and used at every opportunity to plug it in. This means lunch breaks, meetings, paperwork, other duties, the forklift battery should be plugged in. The difference between conventional, opportunity and fast charging is based on the charge rate. Opportunity chargers typically have a charge rate between 25 – 30%. This means that per every 100 amp hours, the charger gets 25 – 30 amp hours.


  • Fast Charging

Fast charging is similar to opportunity charging but differs in the charge rate, specifically at the start of the charge. Fast charge is used in the highest use applications and allows forklifts to receive a significant amount of battery life in a short amount of time. With charge rates at 35 – 40%, this allows the forklift battery to receive more battery life in the shortest amount of time.



Battery and Charger Accessories:

  • Forklift Battery Watering Systems
  • Fill Link
  • Blinky Light
  • Charger Stands
  • Battery Monitoring Device
  • Battery / Charger Cables


Forklift Battery and Charger Services:

  • Battery Washing
  • Overall Inspections
  • Battery Room Layout
  • Forklift Battery Service
  • Forklift Charger Service
  • Battery Disposal
  • Rental Forklift Batteries

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