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Forklift Service

Sunbelt Material Handling has numerous service and maintenance programs so that you get the most out of your forklift investment. Sunbelt has the right combination of certified technicians, service programs, planned maintenance, and forklift parts that will keep your company operating at its most optimal level. 

Full Maintenance

Full maintenance is the most complete level of forklift service we provide. Full maintenance is one monthly cost that stays the same. This monthly cost never changes, and includes all service, parts, and labor costs associated with the forklift. This is a great option for companies that don’t want fluctuating expenses due to service costs. 

Planned Maintenance

Having your forklifts regularly serviced is critical to the optimal use of the forklifts. When you do planned maintenance with Sunbelt, you will know the status of your forklifts. We think of our planned maintenance as a complete snapshot or the current state of the forklift. With planned maintenance, our certified technicians are able to identify issues that could happen in the future, while performing repairs that are critical in nature. The best part of this is that we complete the maintenance on your schedule. 

All Brand Forklift Service

Just because you don’t have a UniCarriers forklift does not mean we cannot service it. Sunbelt is able to perform forklift service on all major brands with our certified technicians. We are constantly tracking our service performance and consistently have a four hour response time on service calls. What this means for you is that when forklift service is needed, you can rely on Sunbelt to arrive in a timely manner and get your forklift operating. 

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