GTS Mid Capacity Pneumatic Forklifts

Applications: Distirbution, Manufacturing, and Warehousing of All Types

The CLARK GTS Series (GTS 20-33) impresses with solid construction and high quality components. With wet disc brakes and a split transmission as a standard features, this series is extremely reliable and durable. And most importantly, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is significantly reduced since brake maintenance is minimal. The GTS20-33 series trucks are quality designed for distribution, manufacturing and warehousing of all types.



  • 2.4L PSI-4X Balanced LPG Engine


  • 4000#
  • 5000#
  • 6000#
  • 6600#

    Clark GTS Mid Capacity Forklift Advantages

    Brake System

    The brakes on the GTS series are wet disc. This significantly reduces brake wear and future maintenance on the brake system will be lower. 

    Split Transmission

    All GTS series lift trucks come with a split transmission and axle. Combine this with the PSI 2.4L LPG engine, and you’ll find the GTS series to be long lasting in any application. 

    Safety is Standard

    Safety features is one of the most critical parts of a forklift. The orange seatbelt, operator presence system, hand parking brake and automatic engine shutdown system, the GTS has a plethora of safety features that will keep everyone safe. 

    Clark GTS Mid Capacity Pneumatic Forklift

    What application do I use the GTS series forklift in?


    The Clark GTS series works great in an outdoor distirbtion application because it is very durable with quality parts that provide a lower cost of ownership. With wet disc brakes and a split transmission, the GTS series is built to run all day. 


    The GTS thrives in a manufacuturing operation because of its ability to work long shifts and low total cost of ownership. Wet disc brakes and a split transmission ensure this forklift will last all shift. 

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