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Pneumatic Tire Forklift – Atlas Series

Applications: Lumberyards, Brickyards, Steelyards, Warehouses, Factories, Recycling

A heavy-duty pneumatic tire forklift, the Atlas Series drives productivity higher while keeping operators comfortable and in control throughout a long shift. With both diesel and LPG engine options, the Atlas Series pneumatic tire forklift is built to tackle tough applications like lumberyards, construction, recycling or other heavy manufacturing operations that demand rugged, large capacity material handling equipment.


  • UniCarriers GCT TB45 engine
  • ZD30 Advanced Turbo Diesel engine


  • 8000#
  • 9000#
  • 10,000#
  • 11,000#
  • 12,000#

Max Lift Height:

  • 236 inches

UniCarriers Advantages

Operator Comfort

Operator comfort is paramount in the Atlas series. With generous headroom, plenty of foot and legroom, a small diameter steering wheel, automotive style controls and low noise levels, operators will be more productive.

Special Applications

Built to work in the toughest environments, the Atlas series offers special options packages for enhanced durability, greater reliability and maximum uptime. Packages are anti-debris, anti-dust, reduced noise and anti-corrosion.


All Atlas models have a solid one piece cast steer axle (not welded). The brakes are oversized and use a cast iron backing plate and brake pad mounting, providing extra durability and extended brake life.


Power & Performance

The Atlas series utilizes tandem hydraulic pumps – one for lifting and one for steering resulting in increased load lift speeds and no loss of steering or maneuvering power while using the hydraulics.

UniCarriers Atlas Pneumatic Tire Forklift

What application do I use the Atlas series forklift in?

Lumberyards / Recycling

UniCarriers Atlas series heavy duty pneumatic tire forklifts are built with the tough environments in mind. With an optional anti-debris package, this includes an under engine cover, vented steer tire housing covers, rubber front apron above the differential, tilt cylinder covers, and a dust proof differential breather.


The Atlas series heavy duty pneumatic tire forklift will handle all of your construction needs. With either the TB45 engine or ZD30 diesel, this engine provides high power and increased efficiency for all your construction needs.

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