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S Series Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

Applications: Manufacturing, Warehousing, Building Materials Handling

The S series is a newer series of IC pneumatic tire forklifts that proudly adds to CLARK’s unique history of building the best forklifts with evolutionary steps in ergonomics, power, safety, durability, and performance. These models, designed for manufacturing and warehousing of all types, are suited for the toughest applications.



  • 2.5 L Ford 4-Cylinder LPG Engine
  • 2.2L Izuzu Diesel Tier-4 Final Engine


  • 4000#
  • 5000#
  • 6000#
  • 7000#

    Clark S Series Pneumatic Tire Advantages

    Smart Series

    All S series forklifts are “smart”. With this, they have built in reporting of truck and operator performance, engine and pwoertrain protection, systematic service tools, and on-board reporting of operator controlled functions. 

    High Performance Engine

    The new S series pneumatic lifts have a new high performance Ford LPG engine or Izuzu diesel engine. 


    Clark forklifts are built to last. All S series forklifts come with force-cooled wet disc brakes, fully welded heavy guage frame, nested I-beam upright, 6-roller carriage, external side-thrust rollers and proven steer axles. 

    Low Cost of Ownership

    The S series lift trucks provide a low cost of ownership with 500 hour oil service intervals on the Ford engine, 2000 hour oil service on the transmission, open core radiator and force cooled wet disc brakes. 

    Clark S Series Pneumatic Tire Forklift

    What application do I use the S series forklift in?


    Recycling is a demanding application, and the S series diesel option is a great fit. With the fully welded frame and 500 hour service intervals for oil changes, the S series is the right forklift for a recycling application. 


    Manufacturing applications are tough and they need a forklift to match. With reliable engine options in both LPG and diesel, combined with on-board diagnositics in the built in dash, the S series lift truck is perfect for manufacturing. 

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