Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper – Terra 28B

Applications: Universities, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Government Buildings

The Nilfisk Advance 28B floor sweeper leaves wide-area vacuums in the dust. With a 28″ wide sweep path, it produces 2.5x mroe productivity than a 28″ wide-area vacuum. Featuring (All Surface All Purpose) sweeping technology, efficiency is maximized as the operator transitions from one floor type to another without having to change the type of broom. The specially designed main broom contains dual rows of soft and coarse bristles that will pick up everything from dirt and sand, to paper and plastic bottles on carpet and hard floor.


  • 12-Volt Maintenance Free Battery with Onboard Charger

Sweeping System:

  • Sweeping Path = 28″
  • Max Coverage per Hour = 31,200 Square Feet

Nilfisk Advance Terra 28B Advantages

Sweeping Performance

A.S.A.P. technology (All Surface All Purpose) allows the Terra 28B to easily transition from hard to soft floor without having to change brooms. 

Low Operating Noise

The operating sound level of 59 dB A meets LEED-EB, GS-42 and other green-cleaning noise standards. 

Easy Maintenance

With a maintenance free battery and onboard charger, you don’t have to worry about battery maintenance and can charge wherever there is a power outlet.

Nilfisk Advance Terra 28B Walk-Behind Sweeper

What application do I use the 28B Walk-Behind Sweeper in?


The 28B warehouse sweeper is great for hotels because it can sweep on all surfaces. Moving from different floor types doesn’t have to be difficult becaue there is no need to change the type of broom. 

Government Buildings

The Terra 28B floor sweeper will work great in government buildings and office buildings because it is able to be used during the work day. With it’s extra quiet operation, employees won’t be disrupted with daytime sweeping. 

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