A Series Lithium-ion Tow Tractor

Applications: Indoor / Outdoor Manufacturing, Shipping, Receiving, Warehousing

The Hangcha A Series Lithium-ion tow tractor has the ability to be a versatile asset in your operation. With solid pneumatic tires and capacities up to 13,500#, the A Series will handle the toughest applications. Combined with a 2-hour charge time, this tow tractor will perform no matter the situation. 


  • 48-volt battery

Model / Capacity:

  • BT20Li / 4400#
  • BT40Li / 8800#
  • BT60Li / 13,200#

Hangcha A Series Lithium-ion Tow Tractor Advantages

Mixed Use

The Hangcha A Series has solid pneumatic tires which make it a terrific option for mixed use applications. Versatile both indoors and outdoors and capacities up to 13,500#, the A Series will be a versatile piece of equipment. 

High Performance

The A Series is manufactured with a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame. With electric power steering and a brushless AC travel motor, the A Series offers a tow tractor that will outperform the competition. 

Electrical System

The A Series Lithium-ion battery set the industry standard for efficiency and effectiveness. Rated for 4000 charging cycles with 80% capacity retention, the 2 hour charge time and maintenance-free battery will keep this machine running. 

Hangcha A Series

What application do I use an A Series tow tractor in?

Outdoor Needs

With solid pneumatic tires and an optional weather enclosure, the A Series is perfect for tugging needs both indoors and outdoors. Uneven surfaces are no longer out of bounds with the A Series!


A Series tow tractors are heavy duty machines that are capable of towing the heaviest jobs, up to 13,500#. When your manufacturing operation calls for heavy items to be moved throughout your facility, you can rely on the A Series to get the job done. 

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