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CTX Tow Tractor

Applications: Indoor / Outdoor Manufacturing, Shipping, Receiving, Warehousing

The Clark CTX tow tractor has the ability to be a versatile asset in your operation. With solid pneumatic tires and capacities up to 15,400#, the CTX will handle the toughest applications. With an optional weather enclosure, this tow tractor will perform no matter the situation. 


  • 48-volt battery


  • 8800#
  • 15,400#

Clark CTX Tow Tractor Advantages

Mixed Use

The Clark CTX has solid pneumatic tires which make it a terrific option for mixed use applications. Versatile both indoors and outdoors and capacities up to 15,400#, the CTX will be a versatile piece of equipment. 


The CTX is manufactured with reinforced all steel frame and large drum brakes. Because the steer axle has moved back and the battery compartment has been lowered, it has a wide stance that makes the CTX extremely stable. 

Electrical System

The CTX runs on a 48-volt battery and is 100% AC system. With fully enclosed compartments, dust and contaminants are kept out and a wet environment is not an issue. There are no brushes to change and the thermal protection prvenths heat damage to the motor and control. 

Clark CTX 

What application do I use the CTX tow tractor in?

Outdoor Needs

With solid pneumatic tires and an optional weather enclosure, the CTX is perfect for tugging needs both indoors and outdoors. Uneven surfaces are no longer out of bounds with the CTX!


The CTX tow tractor is a heavy duty machine that is capable of towing the heaviest jobs, up to 15,400#. When your manufacturing operation calls for heavy items to be moved throughout your facility, you can rely on the CTX to get the job done. 

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