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Electric Forklift – ECX Series

Applications: Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution, Bottling

The ECX Series is manufacutred with fewer parts and a 100% AC system. This means that there is less wear overall and you never have to change brushes or commutator. The high torque drive motor allows the ECX series to climb grades that typically only IC forklifts can navigate. What all this really means is less downtime for the end user. 



  • 36 or 48 volt battery 


  • 4000#
  • 5000#
  • 6000# 
  • 6500#

    Clark ECX Advantages

    Make It Yours

    The ECX is very customizable to your operation with the ability to change the acceleration rate, deceleration rate, and both forward and reverse max speeds. 

    Information & Data

    The dash display on all ECX models provides critical safety and data on the status of the forklift. From an audible alarm if the parking brake is not set to 10 segments to show remaining charge and programmed speed, operators and managers always have up to date information. 

    100% AC System

    The ECX Series operates on a 100% AC system with enclosed brushes, three forms of regenerative braking, and one motor for both steering and hydraulics. This means there are fewer parts, less downtime, and a higher ROI for your operation. 

    Clark ECX Electric Forklift

    What application do I use the ECX electric forklift in?


    Bottling operations require a forklift that is reliable and can run for longer sequences with minimal downtime. The 100% AC system requires fewer parts which makes this electric forklift perfect for a bottling operation. 


    Operating in a manufacturing facility is never easy, and that’s why the ECX works great in manufacturing plants! With the rugged cast iron steer axle, the dual action steer cylinder and fittings are protected. 

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