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Electric 3 Wheel Forklift – TX-M

Applications:Food Products Companies, Warehousing Operations, Manufacturing, Trucking, General Merchandise, Wholesale Non-Durable Goods, Government

Designed to deliver greater reliability… features that create more power and performance… options that expand versatility — The TX-M 3-wheel electric forklift sets the standard for highly maneuverable, versatile 3-wheel electric forklifts.

Faster travel, lift, and lowering speeds along with impressive grade-ability mean faster work cycles and improved productivity. Electric power steering makes handling more precise, energy consumption more efficient and operators more comfortable. IP54 rated sealed motors, ramp/hold and an automatic parking brake are among a long list of new features that make the new TX-M 3-wheel electric forklift the ultimate choice for versatility, economy and productivity.


  • 36 or 48 volt battery
  • Lead acid or lithium-ion


  • 3000#
  • 3500#
  • 4000#

Max Lift Height:

  • 275 inches

UniCarriers Advantages

Sealed Motors

On the TX-M 3-wheel electric forklifts, both the traction motor and hydraulic motor are sealed to provide protection from debris and moisture during the toughest of applications.

Tight Turning

The TX-M 3-wheel electric forklifts are powered by two separate AC drive motors that are individually controlled by the AC tech controller. During tight turns, the inner wheel counter rotates so the forklift can turn within its own footprint for unsurpassed maneuverability.

Custom Options

The TX-M 3-wheel electric forklift is adaptable to a handful of operations. Make the TX-M electric forklift fit you operation with non-marking tires, narrow overhead guard design, forward or reverse activated blue lights, and a freezer package as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lower Cost

All TX-M 3-wheel electric forklifts come with advanced regenerative technology which reclaims energy from braking. This lowers power consumption, extends operating hours, reduces component wear and keeps your electric forklifts out of the charging bay.

UniCarriers TX-M 3-Wheel Electric Forklift

What application do I use the TX-M 3-wheel electric forklift in?

Food Production

The TX-M 3-wheel electric forklift thrives in a food production application. With its tight turning radius, travel speeds up to 10 MPH, and an optional freezer package, the TX-M is ideal for food production.


When companies want a smaller forklift with a very green footprint, they turn to the TX-M 3-wheel electric forklift. The TX-M has all the capability and features of our other models, but has a green footprint and the tightest turning radius for a sit down forklift.

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