Electric 3 Wheel Forklift – TMX

Applications:Food Products Companies, Warehousing Operations, Manufacturing, Trucking, General Merchandise, Wholesale Non-Durable Goods, Government

Designed to deliver greater reliability… features that create more power and performance… options that expand versatility — The TX-M 3-wheel electric forklift sets the standard for highly maneuverable, versatile 3-wheel electric forklifts.

Faster travel, lift, and lowering speeds along with impressive grade-ability mean faster work cycles and improved productivity. Electric power steering makes handling more precise, energy consumption more efficient and operators more comfortable. IP54 rated sealed motors, ramp/hold and an automatic parking brake are among a long list of new features that make the new TX-M 3-wheel electric forklift the ultimate choice for versatility, economy and productivity.


  • 36 or 48 volt battery


  • 2500#
  • 3000#
  • 3500# 
  • 4000#
  • 5000# 

    Clark TMX Advantages


    The TMX 3-wheel forklift has a single-tire steer axle that is made from high strength cast steel and heat treated for maximal strength. 

    Operator Comfort

    Operator comfort is not overlooked on this lift truck! A fully adjustable seat, tilted steering column, cowl mounted hydaulic controls and a thick floor mat to reduce vibration and noise will make sure the operator is able to perform in comfort. 

    Custom To You

    All TMX forklifts are fully customizable to your operation including acceleration rate, decelaration rate, forward and reverse max speeds, and more!

    Clark TMX 3-Wheel Electric Forklift

    What application do I use the TMX 3-wheel electric forklift in?


    The TMX 3-wheel forklift is great for food production because it has a small footprint with a turning radius of under 62 inches on the 5000# capacity model. When space is tight, the TMX is the right solution.

    Food Production

    The TMX 3-wheel forklift comes standard with a 100% AC system, fully enclosed motors, advanced thermal protection for all motors and controls, no pollution, and a quiet operation. These combined factors make it the perfect lift truck for a food production application. 

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