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Electric Forklift – GEX Series

Applications: Indoor / Outdoor Manufacturing, Warehousing, Shipping / Receiving

The Clark GEX Series is the most heavy duty electric forklift Clark offers. With solid pneumatic tires, an 80-volt battery, and capacities up to 10,000#, the GEX Series checks all the boxes for a forklift to meet the toughest conditions. With the 100% AC system and fully enclosed and brushless, the GEX is suitable for wet applications and has the same motor for E and EE rated applications. 



  • 80-volt battery


  • 4000#
  • 5000# 
  • 6000#
  • 6500#
  • 8000# 
  • 9000#
  • 10,000#

Clark Advantages

Easily Serviced

On-board diagnostics allows service technicians to check fault codes without a service tool. The hinged rear control cover is supported on gas springs for easy service from a standing position. 

LCD Dash Display

All GEX Series lift trucks have a fully adjustable dash that has four pre-set performance modes. Easily identify alarm codes for service needs and have password protected adjustments to be made by authorized operators . 

Drive Motor & Axles

The GEX electric pneumatic forklift has fully enclosed and brushless motors and axles. With thermal and stall protection, dual powered reversing for tighter turns and fewer parts, the GEX will have minimum wear and less downtime. 

Clark GEX Electric Forklift

What application do I use the GEX electric forklift in?

Mixed Indoor / Outdoor Use

The GEX thrives in a mixed use environment because it has solid pneumatic tires and a tight turning radius. Able to operate on uneven terrain outdoors, or work in a clean manufacturing plant indoors, the GEX has the functionality to work in both. 

Shipping / Receiving

Shipping and receiving requires a forklift that is functional and can be a workhorse with little downtime. With the 100% AC system on the GEX, it has fewer parts and minimum wear for less downtime. Pair this with the solid pneumatic tires, and you have a lift truck that can bring in product from outdoors to indoors with no issues. 

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