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Hangcha IC Pneumatic Forklifts

3000# – 7000#


Applications: Manufacturing, Warehousing, Nursery Stores, General Outdoor Use

This is the base series of pneumatic tire forklifts by Hangcha. With capacities from 3000# – 7000#, there are options for propane, diesel, and dual fuel. The propane units use either the K21 or K25 engine depending on the capacity, and the diesel units use a Kubota V2607 engine. All models use the Okamura transmission which is used by many other major brands and works great in the toughest applications.




  • K21 – LPG
  • K25 – LPG
  • Kubota V2607 – Diesel


  • 3000#
  • 3500#
  • 4000#
  • 5000#
  • 6000#
  • 7000#

Max Lift Height:

  • 275.6 inches

Hangcha IC Pneumatic Forklift Advantages

Operator Comfort

Keeping your operators comfortable in a forklift is necessary. With a non-slep step getting in the forklift paired with extra foot space is provided to reduce operator fatigue significantly. 

Safety Lighting

LED lights applied on the entire truck save power and energy increasing performance and service life of lights

Advanced Hydraulics

The radiator has extra capacity with serpentine wave and optimized heat dissipation that exhances the capability to keep the engine reliable in the heaviest duty applications. 

Hangcha IC Pneumatic Lift Truck

What applications do I use the IC pneumatic forklift in?


Even though warehousing applications typically mean indoors, a lot of warehousing applications have uneven flooring that can destory cushion tires and require a pneumatic tire. With the super reliable K21 or K25 engine and heavy duty stamped frame, this Hangcha forklift thrives in a tough warehouse operation. 

Nursery / Building Material Stores

Forklifts that work in garden, nursery and building material stores need to be reliable and easy to maintain. Often working longer hours in these applications, it’s nice to know that your Hangcha is easy to maintain. With a two piece floorboard, radiator cover fasteners, and easy operating latch for engine inspection, maintenance has never been easier. 

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