Pallet Jack – WPT45

Applications: Distribution, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Loading Trucks

The Big Joe WPT45 is an electric pallet jack that is built to handle frequent loads at ground level. When there is a constant movement of pallets throughout a facility, the WPT45 has the combination of weight capacity and small footprint to get the job done. Loading trucks, manufacturing plants, distribution centers; if a pallet needs to be moved a longer distance or a heavier capacity, the WPT45 is right for the job.



  • (4) 6-volt 224AH maintenance free batteries 


  • 4500# 

Max Fork Length:

  • 48 inches

Big Joe WPT45 Advantages

Maintenance Free

With (4) 6-volt maintenance free batteries, keeping the WPT fully charged has never been easier. With an internal 110VAC charger, plug it into a wall outlet and that’s it!

Key Switch

With the security of a key switch, use of the WPT45 can be limited to authorized personnel. This allows only authorized users to operate the pallet jack for increased safety. 


While the WPT45 is great for frequent loads and long distances, the crawl speed travel control is great for tight areas and around turns. Creep speed operation makes it easier and safer to navigate small spaces.

Big Joe WPT45 Pallet Jack

What application do I use the WPT45 electric pallet jack in?


In an environment where pallets can get heavy and there is limited space, the WPT45 has the ability to navigate tight areas while protecting the operator. With a capacity of 4500# and the creep speed mode, an operator can get through small spaces safely and efficiently. 


In a high cycle environment like distribution where there is constant movement, the WPT45 can be a great asset. Moving pallets long distances, loading trucks, with the added safety features of a belly button reversing switch and horn, the WPT45 will thrive in a distribution application. 

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