Pallet Jack – E30

Applications: Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Retail Stores, Warehousing, Manufacturing

The Big Joe E30 is a pallet jack that is a great alternative to a manual jack. When moving pallets or products over even a shorter distance, the E30 provides the operator with much needed comfort and safety. It is fully electric with both powered lift / lower, and forward reverse controls. The maintenance free battery always stays in the pallet jack and charges by being plugged into a 110VAC wall outlet. 



  • (2) 12-volt 65AH maintenance free batteries


  • 3000#

Max Fork Length:

  • 48 inches

Big Joe E30 Advantages

Space Saver

The tiller arm and handle rotates 180 degrees which makes this the perfect pallet jack to be used in small spaces and applciations like lift gates on trucks. 

Maintenance Free

The E30 electric pallet jack has two 12-volt batteries that are maintenance free. This makes it incredibly easy to use and has an internal charger tht pplugs into a 110VAC wall outlet.


The E30 provides a predictable boost in efficiency when it replaces a manual pallet jack. Having fully powered lower and lift functions along with forward and reverse, the added efficiency is a major upgrade from a manual jack.

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