Autonomous Scrubber – Liberty SC50

Applications: Shopping Malls, Distribution Centers, Large Office Buildings

The Nilfisk Advance Liberty SC50 represents today’s most advanced robotics technology powering its capabilities. By successfully integrating an arry of 3D, 2D, infrared and depth sensors within a high-performance scrubber-dryer, Nilsik has elevated floorcare to new standards of both effectiveness and efficiency.


Safety-certified, fully autonomous, and designed for consistent results with minimal oversight, the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 allows operators to focus on tasks that benefit the most from valuable human effort, and provides the means for unmatched productivity in any cleaning operation. 

Because safety is a prime objective when working with autonomous solutions, the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 is engineered to ensure smooth synergy within its operating environment.

  • Adjusts in real-time to route changes and obstacles – including people
  • User-access configuration prevents unauthorized intervention
  • Leaves floors spotless and dry to reduce high-traffic slip risks


  • 24-Volt Battery

Scrubbing and Recovery System:

  • Scrubbing Path = 20″
  • Scrubbing Max Coverage per Hour = 11,000 Square Feet
  • Squeegee Width = 30.2″

Nilfisk Advance Liberty SC50 Advantages

CopyCat Mode

CopyCat mode replicates a designated cleaning path with exact precision, allowing you to dictate where and how you want the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 to clean. 

Fill-In Mode

Fill-in mode lets you implement autonomous cleaning the fastest way possible – no pre-mapping or programming required. Just trace a room’s perimeter, and interior space will be cleaned without any further assistance. 

Manual Mode

Manual mode gives you complete controls over movement and cleaning, allowing use as a normal scrubber dryer for ad hoc tasks. 

Nilfisk Advance Liberty SC50 Autonomous Scrubber

What application do I use the SC50 Autonomous Scrubber in?

Shopping Malls

The SC50 has CopyCat technology to perform exactly what the operators train it to do. With a designated area in a shopping mall, cleaning has never been easier. 

School and University Gyms / Cafeterias

School gyms and cafeterias can use the SC50 autonomous scrubber because it is a repetitive cleaning process that can be mapped on the outside and then filling in the interior of the gym or cafeteria. 

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