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Walkie Reach Stacker – Clark WSRX Series

Applications: Compact solution for stacking in narrow aisles and/or tight, congested operating environments; for use with short travel distances

The Clark WSRX walkie reach stacker is the heavier duty walkie straddle reach stacker. With a capacity of 3000# and lifting height up to 189″, this walkie reach stacker packs a punch in a small frame.

The WSRX walkie reach stacker is best used in a application where it is needed to pickup product deep into a rack. We have had lots of success with this walkie reach stacker in grocery applications.


  • (4) 6-volt maintenance free batteries


  • 3000#

Lift Heights:

  • 106 inches
  • 126 inches
  • 157 inches
  • 189 inches (requires industrial battery)

Big Joe Walkie Reach Stacker Advantages

Economical Purchase

The WSRX walkie reach stacker is a great asset to any operation that requires reach capability. For applications that require reach but don’t need to lift to the heights of a traditional stand-up reach forklift, the WSRX walkie reach stacker is the best option.  For the price point it is at, this walkie straddle reach stacker can not be beat!


The WSRX walkie reach stacker is extremely easy to operate. With lift/lower/tilt/extend/side-shift controls in the handle, the operator can complete every function from within the handle. 

Maintenance Free

The WSRX walkie reach stacker comes with a maintenance free battery and charger. in three of the four mast heights. With being maintenance free, there is no need to water the battery or question of how to charge it. Simply plug the cord into the wall and you are charging! 

Clark Walkie Reach Stacker – WSRX

What application do I use the WSRX walkie reach stacker in?


The Clark WSRX walkie reach stacker is a great option for a grocery store where stacking and reaching needs are needed, but in confined areas. The WSRX walkie reach stacker performs well because of the ability to fit in congested aisles and fulfill the needs of a traditional stand-up reach forklift.


In a general warehouse environment where there are various loads being lifted and stacked, the WSRX walkie reach stacker remains a great option. Able to fit in tight aisles or congested areas, this walkie reach stacker can lift, side-shift, reach any load up to 3000#.

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