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TGX Tow Tractor

Applications: Retail Operations, Odd-Shaped Product Transporting, Food Service, Warehousing, Parts Distribution

Ergonomics and operator comfort combined with the maneuverability of a 190-degree steering arc and UniCarriers reliability make the TGX a powerful choice for applications requiring operational flexibility and productivity.


  • 24-volt battery 


  • 10,000#

UniCarriers TGX Tow Tractor Advantages

Economical Purchase

The UniCarriers TGX is a great investment because it will help move product more quickly, safely, and efficiently. With the rolling capacity of 10,000#, this tow tractor is the solution to moving carts and products through your facility. The ability to attach to multiple hitch options makes this a great investment for everyone. 


Safety is a top priority in any facility, and that doesn’t stop with the TGX. The electric brake system uses regenerative motor torque to reduce component wear; padded front wall and operator backrest, optional travel alarm, and on-board diagnostics make this one safe machine to operate. 


The TGX tow tractor is built to last. The brushless AC drive motor, sealed switches and logic boards, electronic brake system, and able to operate in temperatures down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit show how strong the TGX is. If you need a tow tractor that you can count on for years to come, the TGX is the best option. 

UniCarriers TGX 

What application do I use the TGX tow tractor in?


General warehouse needs call for moving items to different areas throughout the day. With the TGX, operators will have a safer, more efficient option to move product and get where they need to go. At a lower price point, this tow tractor is a great addition for any warehouse.

Automotive Manufacturing

The TGX tow tractor is a great option for any type of manufacturing operation that requires parts being transported to different areas. With a variety of hitch options and a capacity up to 4000#, it can tow a variety of carts. It is an ideal solution for a facility that needs to be more efficient.

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