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Stand-Up Forklift – ESX Series

Applications: Shipping/Receiving, Manufacturing/Warehousing/Distribution, Food Products Companies, Warehousing Operations, Light Manufacturing, Trucking Operations

The Clark ESX standup forklift is unique because it is a true dock to stock stand-up forklift. With capacities from 2500# – 5000#, Clark standup forklifts have the capability to have the same work capacity as a sit-down forklift. 


  • 36 or 48-volt options


  • 2500#
  • 3000#
  • 3500#
  • 4000#
  • 4500#
  • 5000#

Max Lift Height:

  • 258.5 inches

Clark ESX Standup Forklift Advantages

100% AC System

The ESX stand-up forklift has a 100% AC system which means it is completely enclosed and brushless. With thermal and stall protection and one motor for both steering and hydraulics, there are fewer replaceable parts which leads to a more efficient standup forklift.  

Multi-Function Control

All Clark ESX stand-up forklifts have a true multifunction control handle that has 3 functions: simultaneous operation of travel, lift / lower, and one other hydraulic function. The integrated mini thumbstick controls tilt and side-shift with auxillary function. 

Upright and Carriage

All ESX stand-up forklifts have a nested I-channel that allows space for cylinders, hoses and chains. It also has a hydraulic cushioning valve that has silent staging which reduces shock and vibration. Lastly, the carriage has 6 rollers to maximize load distribution.

Clark ESX Stand-Up Forklift

What application do I use a stand-up forklift in?


Manufacturing environments needs a reliable forklift that will handle tough applications. With a fully enclosed AC system and and enclosed brakes, you can trust that the ESX Series will be durable enough to handle your tough operation.

Dock Operations

The ESX Series is ideal for dock operations because of the range of capacities available. From 2500# – 5000#, the ESX Series can handle heavier pallets and loads without the need to switch to a different forklift or piece of equipment to transport to the rack. 

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