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Electric Forklift – BX

Applications: Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution, Bottling

A true workhorse, the BX electric forklift combines a capacity of up to 8000# and exceptional power efficiency with an advanced feature package that includes self-contained on-board diagnostics and controlled rollback. Add UniCarriers legendary reliability, ease-of-maintenance and preset performance modes — and you have the right forklift for a wide array of heavy-duty applications.



  • 36 or 48 volt battery = cushion tire only
  • 36 volt battery = pneumatic tire


  • 3000# (both cushion and pneumatic tire)
  • 3500# (both cushion and pneumatic tire)
  • 4000# (both cushion and pneumatic tire)
  • 5000# (both cushion and pneumatic tire)
  • 6000# (cushion tire only)
  • 8000# (cushion tire only)

Max Lift Height:

  • 236 inches

UniCarriers Advantages


With both cushion and pneumatic tire models, the BX electric forklift has options for both indoor and outdoor options. Combine this with a capacity range of 3000 – 8000#, the BX electric forklift might be the only electric forklift you ever need.


All BX electric forklifts come standard with the operator presence system including a seat actuated power interrupt with mast lock that prevents lift and tilt functions if the operator leaves the seat. Other standard options include parking brake warning and seatbelt alarm.

Power & Performance

The BX electric forklift features adjustable settings to optimize performance based on the application, work environment or operator experience. Choose from economy, power, or high power mode, or even manual mode to match the performance needs that fit your operation.

Reliable AC Technology

All BX electric forklifts are powered by 100% brushless AC motor and hydraulic systems. With better cooling capacity and more reliability in humid environments, AC power delivers more consistent and higher performance throughout the shift on a single battery charge.

UniCarriers BX Electric Forklift

What application do I use the BX electric forklift in?


In a fast paced, high volume operation like distribution, the UniCarriers BX electric forklift will get the job done. With the variety of features and technology, the BX electric forklift can keep up with the most demanding needs, all while having a green footprint.


Manufacturing operations demand a forklift that will stand the test of time, and that is what the BX electric forklift is made for. With its reliable AC technology and self-diagnostics LCD panel, uptime is maximized with the BX electric forklift.

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