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Hangcha Rambler Pneumatic Forklift

Applications: General Warehousing, Outdoor Use, Building Supply Stores

The Hangcha Rambler is a 5000# capacity forklift that has a smaller frame similar to an indoor cushion tire forklift. The benefit of the Rambler is that with this small frame and solid pneumatic tires, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it more efficient for your operation. 


  •  LPG Propane


  • 5000#

Max Lift Height:

  • 236″

Hangcha Advantages

North American Certified Engine

The Rambler has a North American certified engine that has high power, high torque and clean emission with excellent fuel economy. The K25 engine is EPA / CARB Tier2 certified and electronically controlled. 

Mast Options

The Hangcha Rambler has a variety of different mast options including a two stage wide-view mast, wide view full free-lift and wide view triple stage mast.


 With two lift cylinders that are offset to the left and right, not directly in the center, the operator has a much greater view than a standard triple stage mast. 

Hangcha Rambler IC Pneumatic Forklift

What application do I use a IC pneumatic forklift in?


The Hangcha Rambler is a great lift for a manufacturing plant because it is similar in size to a cushion tire warehouse lift, but has the solid pneumatic tires to operate outdoors on uneven surfaces.

General Warehousing

Warehousing requires a lift that can do a bit of everything, and the Hangcha Rambler can do just that. Smaller frame, side-shift, triple stage mast and solid pneumatic tires make the Rambler a great all around lift for a warehouse.

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