Pallet Jack – WPL25

Applications: Light-Duty Use, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Retail Stores, Warehousing

The Clark WPL25 is a light duty pallet jack for applications that require moving pallets throughout the workday. With a capacity up to 2500# and a very small footprint, the WPL25 can maneuver in extremely tight areas to move what you need. It comes with a 24-volt rechargeable battery that charges by being placed on a small charging stand, similar to an electric drill. Most companies purchase an extra battery so that while one battery is charging, they are still able to use the pallet jack. If your employees are moving loads more than 100 feet with a manual pallet jack, the WPL25 is a safer and more efficient option.



  • (1) 24-volt 20AH rechargeable battery


  • 2500#

Max Fork Length:

  • 48 inches

Clark WPL25 Advantages

Easy Charging

Charging the battery on the WPL25 pallet jack has never been easier. With a lunchbox size battery, it charges by being placed on a small charger that can sit on top of an office desk.

Tight Space Turning

The WPL25 electric pallet jack has a very tight turning radius with its small frame. When space is limited in tight applications, the WPL25 will be a valued option.

Clark WPL25 Pallet Jack

What application do I use the WPL25 electric pallet jack in?


The WPL25 works great in a retail environment because of its small footprint and ability to operate in tight applications. If you are currently using a manual pallet jack, the WPL25 would be a great replacement due to it’s price point and increased efficiency.


in a warehouse application where pallets and product need to be moved, the WPL25 electric pallet jack has great use. In lieu of a manual pallet jack, utilize the WPL25 for a higher degree of safety and faster product movement.

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