Rider Electric Pallet Jack – WRT60

Applications: Cold Storage, Food Service Operations, Grocery, Heavy Duty Manufacturing

The Big Joe WRT60 is a heavy duty rider electric pallet jack with a capacity of 6000#. With an unloaded max speed of 9 miles per hour and a loaded max speed of 6.5 miles per hour, the WRT60 is able to move more product per hour. With double length 96″ forks as an option, this rider electric pallet jack was built specifically for food service, grocery, and cold storage applications.



  • 12-85-13 industrial battery and charger


  • 6000 #

Max Fork Length:

  • 96 inches

Big Joe WRT60 Advantages

High Speed Bar

The added ergonomic high speed bar allows operators to lift, lower, horn, and control the pallet jack all while maintaining a higher speed through travel.


The WRT60 has an unloaded max speed of 9 mph and a loaded max speed of 6.5 mph. That means you can move through your facility faster, allowing you to move more product per hour.

Drive Motor

With an AC drive motor, there are no moving parts within the motor itself. Many maintenance expenses are eliminated over the equipment’s life cycle. 

Big Joe WRT60 Pallet Jack 

What application do I use the WRT rider electric pallet jack in?

Food Service

The WRT60 was manufactured for food service and grocery applications. With a loaded max speed of 6.5 mph and optional 96″ double length forks, this rider electric pallet jack can move more product faster. 

Heavy Duty Manufacturing

When the capacity really increases and you want less stress on your operators, turn to the WRT60. With a 6000# capacity and industrial battery, the WRT60 combines power and ease for the operator with a thumb control travel function and large operator platform with microcellular rubber floormat for comfort. 

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