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Walkie Straddle Stacker – UniCarriers WSX

Applications: Compact solution for stacking in narrow aisles and/or tight, congested operating environments; for use with short travel distances

Capacities of up to 2 tons… lift heights up to 18 feet… fluid, virtually effortless maneuverability — all of the performance you’re looking for comes together in a walkie straddle stacker that’s intuitive to operate, easy to maintain and economical to purchase: The WSX walkie straddle stacker by UniCarriers.


  • 24 volt battery


  • 3000#
  • 4000#

Max Lift Height:

  • 217 inches

UniCarriers WSX Walkie Straddle Stacker Advantages


The UniCarriers WSX walkie straddle stacker has all the power and performance needed at the highest level. With an 5.2hp brushless AC drive motor and a heavy duty DC hydraulic pump motor, this walkie straddle stacker reaches heights of up to 217″ and can pickup loads of 4000#.


All WSX walkie straddle stackers have a thumb operated rotary control to adjust direction and speed. Standard on the WSX walkie straddle stacker is a multi functional display showing a battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt, hour meter gauge, and fault code display. Add the LCD display as an option for PIN access for 5 different operators, performance modes and on board diagnostics. 


The WSX walkie straddle stacker is manufactured with fewer moving parts, designed with easier access to key service points. Hall Effect speed and acceleration control simplifies maintenance and limits downtime due to its non-contact design that eliminates mechanical wiping action, potentiometers, and heaters.

UniCarriers WSX Walkie Straddle Stacker – WSX

What application do I use the WSX walkie straddle stacker in?

Narrow Aisle Operations

The UniCarriers WSX walkie straddle stacker has the maneuverability to perform in a narrow aisle application. Easy to operate in any environment, this walkie straddle stacker is best used when in a confined area. When the application calls for a heavy load walkie straddle stacker, the WSX is the best option.


The UniCarriers WSX walkie straddle stacker has the capacity needed to be used in a manufacturing facility. With a capacity up to 4000# and a max lift height of 18 feet, this walkie straddle stacker can fit in the most congested areas on an operation and get the job done.

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