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JLG Electric Scissor Lifts

Applications: Manufacturing, Shipping, Receiving, Warehousing

JLG’s line of electric scissor lifts has the ability to be a versatile asset in your operation. With max working heights up to 45 ft. and load capacity up to 770#, JLG electric scissor Lifts will handle the toughest applications.

Model / Height/ Capacity:

  • AE1932 / 25’/ 606#
  • ES1330L / 13’/500#
  • ES1530L / 15’/ 500#
  • ES1932 / 19’/ 507#
  • ES2632 / 25′ 6″/ 507#
  • ES3246 / 32’/ 705#
  • R1932 / 25’/ 507#
  • R2632 / 25′ 6″/ 507#
  • R3246 / 38’/ 705#
  • R4045 / 45′ 3″/ 770#

JLG Electric Scissor Lift Advantages

Height / Capacity

JLG’s line of electric slab scissor lifts have a wide range of maximum working heights and weight capacities. With max working heights going up to 45 feet and load capacity up to 770#, the wide range that JLG has to offer has a scissor lift for every application.


Built rugged with rental service in mind, JLG has made their line of electric scissor lifts to stand up to heavy use. These electric slab scissor lifts will stand up to full-time use year after year.

Continued Innovation

With the latest technology built in, JLG’s electric scissor lifts deliver innovative features that boost operator confidence. Increase your productivity and enhance safety on the job when you choose an electric man lift from JLG.  

JLG Electric Scissor Lifts 

What application do I use a JLG Electric Scissor Lift in?

Indoor & Outdoor Needs

JLG’s line of electric scissor lifts are perfect for scissor lift needs both indoors and outdoors. No level surface is out of bounds for JLG electric scissor lifts.

Versatile Application

JLG offers a versatile line that can be applied across many industries. Whether you’re navigating narrow-aisle racking, or you’re in the yard, JLG has an electric scissor lift for you.

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