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Rough Terrain Forklift – 10,000# Capacity

Applications: Stone, Lumber, Construction, Rain, Snow

The Hangcha rough terrain forklift was developed to be powerful, reliable and easy to maintain. With the 3.6L Deutz diesel engine and 4-wheel drive, it can adapt to the rugged roads in a variety of applications. With multiple options including a full cab, side-shifting fork positioner, heat and more, the Hangcha rough terrain will be an asset for your application. 



  • 3.6L Deutz Tier 4 Final compliant 


  • 10,000#


  • 4-Wheel Drive

Max Lift Height:

  • 236.2”

Hangcha Advantages

Engine Reliability

The 3.6L Deutz diesel engine has dual air filters and two-stage air filter guarantees that the engine can operate for a long time at the most optimal status. 


The differential is designed for rough terrain and has a manual lock providing ultimate traction during inclement weather and tough surfaces. This lock prevents power loss when one wheel spins.

Hydraulic Drive Gear Box

This rough terrain has a full-flotaing hydraulic drive gear box with the function of switching between 2WD and 4WD, and can provide higher run speed and stronger climbing ability. 

Hangcha Rough Terrain Forklift

What application do I use a rough terrain forklift in?

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas environments frequently use rough terrain forklifts for use on rough terrain. The tractor style pneumatic tires provide the necessary clearance and stability to traverse uneven terrain and get the job done. With a capacity of 10,000#, this Hangcha can nearly do it all. 


The Hangcha rough terrain forklift is a welcome addition to a construction site. Large pneumatic tires and a high capacity of 10,000# makes it a necessary tool for most construction sites. 

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