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Forklift – Nomad Lift Trucks

Applications: Manufacturing, Warehousing, Recycling, Beverage/Bottling, and Trucking

Powered by our industrial engines, our rugged Nomad series forklift delivers greater torque and horsepower to satisfy a variety of high cycle manufacturing, warehouse or other indoor applications.

Available in LP, Gas* or both, our fuel management system optimizes engine operation to provide excellent fuel efficiency and reduced CO, HC and NOx exhaust emissions inside your operation.

Each Nomad series pneumatic tire lift truck comes standard with our comprehensive engine protection system to warn operators in case of excessive heat or a severe drop in oil pressure, providing extended engine and drive train life for your lift truck investment.



  • K21 engine


  • 3000#
  • 3500#
  • 5000#

Max Lift Height:

  • 276 inches

UniCarriers Nomad Advantages


The Nomad pneumatic tire lift truck is the ultimate forklift for different environments. The compact cushion tire frame easily navigates tighter aisles, while the pneumatic tires make the Nomad able to operate on uneven outdoor surfaces.


All Nomad forklifts come standard with the operator presence system including a seat actuated power interrupt with mast lock that prevents lift and tilt functions if the operator leaves the seat. Other standard options include parking brake warning and seatbelt alarm.

Protect Your Investment

The Nomad comes standard with the powertrain protection system which reduces engine RPM for longer engine and drivetrain life. Our power/economy controlled acceleration restricts acceleration rate to maximize fuel economy and minimize tire spin.

Uptime = Money

All Nomads come standard with on board diagnostics that provide immediate status updates. This LCD display reduces troubleshooting time with no handheld device needed.

UniCarriers Nomad Lift Truck

What application do I use the Nomad lift truck in?


UniCarriers Nomad pneumatic tire lift trucks are a great option for a recycling operation. An optional recycling package offers a belly pan and side vent panels. The pneumatic tires make the Nomad adept at operating indoors and handling uneven terrain across outdoor surfaces.


The Nomad pneumatic tire lift truck can handle multiple environments and surfaces, but it excels in manufacturing. The Nomad has a fuel management system that optimizes engine operation to provide excellent fuel efficiency and reduced CO, HC, and NOx exhaust emissions.

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