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Order Picker – J1HD Super Joey

Applications: E-Commerce, Distribution, Automotive Parts, Maintenance, Any Environment Where An Operator Elevated In The Air Is Needed

The Big Joe J1HD Super Joey is an order picker that is an alternative to a traditional order picker with forks. With a smaller footprint and no forks, the J1HD Super Joey is only 36″ wide and can fit in narrow aisles and lifts to a max platform height of 17.5′. 

With a front platform that can carry 700# and added capability of towing 3600#, the J1HD is a valuable forklift that adds a level of safety and efficiency that is unmatched. 


  • 48-Volt Battery & Charger
  • Lithium ion Option


  • 1200# total capacity
  • 300# operator
  • 700# front work tray
  • 200# rear work tray

Lift Heights:

  • 162 inches
  • 210 inches

Big Joe J1HD Order Picker Advantages


All J1HD order pickers are simple to operate and safe. The J1 has a heavy duty I-beam design for excellent stability at elevated heights along with a forward facing blue spotlight that projects onto the floot for other people to see. 


With a max travel speed of 6.5 mph, operators can move through a large distribution center or warehouse quickly. 


With max platform lift heights of 17.5″ and a towing capacity of 3600#, the J1HD can perform multiple functions that allow you to operate more safely and efficiently. 

Big Joe Order Picker – J1HD Super Joey

What application do I use the J1HD order picker in?


The Big Joe J1HD Super Joey is a perfect tool for e-commerce companies because it allows these companies to pick single items and product safely at heights. If your company is picking product from bins, single items, small parts or boxes, the J1HD allows you to complete these tasks efficiently and safely. 

Small Parts Picking

Companies that use small parts and are constantly picking individual nuts, bolts, screws and other small parts in bins love the J1HD. The front platform has a capacity of 700# and allows ample room for operators to carry multiple bins of product. 

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