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Advantages of a Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift versus a Turret Truck / Swing Reach Forklift

Turret Truck, Turret Forklift, Swing Reach Forklift
Turret Truck, Turret Forklift, Swing Reach Forklift

Finding the right forklift for your application is crucial. Whether you are looking to increase return on investment, safety or efficiency, choosing the right forklift is paramount to your success. Companies typically use turret trucks in order to get the most pallet positions and have storage density, so that they can utilize both sides of the rack. If your company is using turret trucks now or looking to switch to turret trucks, you should consider the Flexi narrow aisle forklift for a variety of reasons.

Frequently called swing reach forklifts, these machines are most oftently used in applications where space is at a premium and the company wants to place as much product within the warehouse as possible. Because this is such a specialized application, swing reach forklifts do come with some disadvantages. These disadvantages include some of the following: wire guidance, increased initial investment cost, cost of maintenance, and the inability to be used in any other parts of the warehouse. Wire guidance is a system that guides steering of the turret truck by controlling electric signals. Added to the initial cost of the turret truck itself, you will have to install the wire guidance system in the floors of your facility. The initial cost of a turret truck can be a barrier to entry. These are extremely specialized narrow aisle forklifts and have a high initial cost. Because these forklifts are so specialized, the cost of maintenance is higher, requiring specific parts and technicians. Lastly, turret trucks can only operate in the applications specifically set up for them. They can’t go in the back of trailers, they can’t go down ramps and cannot be used outside. The versatility of a Flexi narrow aisle forklift allows greater use of warehouse space at a lower cost.

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Advantages of a Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift versus a Turret Truck / Swing Reach Forklift:


  • Flexi narrow aisle forklift can store 85-90% the amount of pallets a turret truck can at half the cost

  • Flexi narrow aisle forklifts can operate in 6′ – 7′ wide aisles, very similar to turret trucks

  • Flexi forklifts are simple to operate and aren’t as complex to operate as a turret truck

  • Flexi narrow aisle forklifts operate without wire or rail guidance and can use your current floor, while turret trucks typically use wire and / or rail guidance

  • Initial investment of a Flexi narrow aisle forklift is typically around 50% the cost of a turret truck

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