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Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Applications: Any environment that requires extremely tight aisles where real estate is limited 

The Flexi very narrow aisle forklift is one of the most unique forklifts on the planet. Capable of working in 5 foot wide aisles and with lift heights north of 400 inches, The Flexi is extremely customizable to your specific needs. There are a variety of capacities, aisle widths, lift heights, and options that will make the Flexi forklift the perfect lift truck for your operation. When your company runs out of real estate there are only a few options — make your aisles smaller and build your rack higher. With a Flexi, you now have a forklift to handle this!


  • 48 volt battery 


  • 2200# – 5500#

Max Lift Height:

  • Over 40 Feet

Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift Advantages

More Space

The Flexi is best at creating mroe space in your warehouse. When you are able to install up to 30% more rack in your facility, you create more space for more product. With the Flexi forklift, it is a product multiplier!


All Flexi’s have a variety of safety options that can tailored for your specific application. From a high definition operator vision system to a laser tracking lift height selector, Flexi narrow aisle forklifts make safety a priority.

Custom To You

Flexi’s are extremely customizable narrow aisle forklifts. With a variety of capacities and mast heights available, there is always a solution for your specific application. From 5 foot wide aisles to lift heights of 40 feet, Flexi forklifts has a solution.


Flexi forklifts are all about efficiency. You are able to store more product, move more product, and eliminate dead aisle space required by other types of forklifts. Depending on the building, a Flexi can increase usable storage space by 25-50%.

Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklifts

What application do I use a Flexi narrow aisle forklift in?


Flexi forklifts can operate in a variety of different environments. When distribution centers need to maximize space and go narrow aisle, they turn to Flexi forklifts. With so many custom options available, the Flexi forklift is a perfect fit for a distribution center that has very specific needs.


Flexi forklifts are great in food and grocery operations where space is extremely limited. Useful in any warehouse environment, the Flexi is a durable narrow aisle forklift that has the ability to pick loads from 25 feet up and then load the trailer hauling the product. With so many custom options available, the Flexi is a perfect fit for a food or grocery operation that has very specific needs.

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