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Pallet Jack – WLX

Applications: Loading & Unloading Trailers, Supermarkets, Grocery Wholesalers, Warehousing, Bottling Operations, Department Stores

Loading and unloading trailers, in and out of coolers, up and down aisles — the WLX electric pallet jack was designed from the ground up to provide industry-leading tight turning radius for faster, easier pinwheeling, more work cycles and better bottom-line productivity.

Beyond its superior maneuverability, the WLX electric pallet jack offers advanced ergonomics to improve operator comfort…a robust iron cast frame for exceptional durability…extended service intervals and easily accessible components to minimize the time and cost of maintenance…and the reliability that has become the hallmark of every UniCarriers forklift.



  • (4) 6-volt maintenance free batteries


  • 4500#

Max Fork Length:

  • 60 inches

UniCarriers Advantages


The WLX electric pallet jack will save you money with its durability. From the brushless AC drive motor to the scratch resistant powder coat finish to the Hall Effect sensors that eliminate mechanical switches and potentiometers, the WLX electric pallet jack was made to be durable at every step.

Operator Control

All WLX electric pallet jacks are ergonomically designed for quick and easy use. The control handle on the WLX electric pallet jack has a fingertip or thumb activation of all buttons. All buttons are either centrally located, or on both left and right side for operators who are left or right handed.

Tight Space Turning

The WLX electric pallet jack is very easy to operate. With an industry leading 59.4″ turning radius with 48″ forks, the WLX can pinwheel turn and right angle stack within the confines of 96″ wide trailers.

Maintenance Free

All WLX electric pallet jacks come standard with maintenance free batteries. The gearbox is maintenance free with gears permanently lubricated in a sealed unit. The fork assembly features heavy duty steel push rods and the bushings are sealed, self-lubricating and maintenance free.

UniCarriers WLX Pallet Jack

What application do I use the WLX electric pallet jack in?


The WLX is a great asset in a distribution operation where trucks/trailers are constantly being loaded. With the ability to pinwheel inside a 96″ trailer, the WLX is highly productive and extremely reliable. The WLX is safe, durable, and the best choice for any type of electric pallet jack needs.


in a general warehouse environment where products is consistently moved throughout, the WLX remains the best option. With the ability to navigate tight aisles and lift loads up to 4500#, the WLX is an asset to any warehouse that brings its value immediately. With the maintenance free batteries, the WLX is easy to maintain and can charge by plugging into a 110VAC wall outlet.

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