Pneumatic Tire Electric Forklift – QX

Applications: Food Product Companies, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution, Bottling

Featuring an extra powerful 80 volt motor, the QX electric forklift provides the power of an internal combustion engine without the emissions. Advanced features drive down costs as they drive up productivity. This tough, rugged electric forklift combines high tech performance features with driver comfort, energy savings and easy maintenance for applications that require both exceptional power and sustained reliability.



  • 80 volt battery


  • 4000#
  • 5000#
  • 6000#

Max Lift Height:

  • 276 inches

UniCarriers Advantages

Power & Performance

The QX electric forklift features adjustable settings to optimize performance based on the application, work environment or operator experience. Choose from economy, power, or high power mode, or even manual mode to match the performance needs that fit your operation. 

Tight Turning

All QX electric forklifts come with solid pneumatic tires, but that doesn’t mean they are big and bulky! The QX electric forklift has a tight enough turning radius to be used in areas where a cushion tire forklift would normally be used.


Standard on all QX electric forklift models is the smart LCD panel. Integrated on board diagnostics provides immediate truck status. The dialogue display includes service history which reduces troubleshooting time, so the forklift is back in operation faster.

Operator Comfort

The QX electric forklift makes operator comfort a priority. With 41″ of headroom and a full suspension seat, we know that comfortable operators will be more productive over time. With on demand electronic power steering for easier handling, the operator has never been better.

UniCarriers QX Pneumatic Tire Electric Forklift

What application do I use the QX pneumatic tire electric forklift in?


When you have a tough manufacturing environment but you want to have no emissions, you get the QX electric forklift. With solid pneumatic tires and a small enough turning radius to work in areas where a cushion tire forklift would normally work, the QX electric forklift is a terrific option.


Having a warehouse forklift doesn’t always mean you need a cushion tire gas forklift. For companies that use their forklift both indoors/outdoors but want to have no emission, the QX electric forklift is the forklift for you.

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