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Aerial Lifts / Rolling Ladder Replacements / Order Picker

Big Joe offers four different types of aerial lifts. With a max lifting height of 42″, the Joey eStep is a very cost effective way to be more safe, rather than using a rolling ladder. The J2 Joey is a low and mid level order picker with capacities up to 2000#. The J1 Joey aerial lift is a single operator vehicle for high level picking purposes. The J1 is a great replacement for applications where a traditional scissor lift might be too big. The Joey Zero aerial lift is perfect for navigating very tight aisles or congested spaces. Used best in a retail environment or warehouse, it has a working height of around 17 feet.

Which Aerial Lift / Rolling Ladder Replacement / Order Picker Is Right For You ?

Joey eStep 

  • Perfect replacement of rolling ladders
  • Automatic floor lock when elevated
  • Max lifting height of 42″
  • Charges via 110VAC wall outlet

J2 Joey Order Picker

  • Finger-tip control
  • Maintenance free batteries available
  • Max lift height of 144″
  • Capacities of 1500# and 2000#

J1 Joey Aerial Lift

  • Replaces rolling ladders
  • Front operator work platform
  • Maintenance free batteries available
  • Max lift height of 192″

Joey Zero

  • Perfect aerial lift for order picking or stocking shelves
  • Standard maintenance free batteries
  • Max lift height of 118″
  • Charges via 110VAC wall outlet

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